DXP TX04 Pioneer Series Complete 5-Piece Rock Drum Kit w/ Cymbals and Stool - Metallic Blue

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The DXP Drum kits are built and designed for the avid up and comign drummer and , internationally renowned for delivering great sounding quality instruments at affordable prices.

THE DXP Series of Drum kit shave proven to be a world wide beater for quality and Build .Designed by professionals the shells have been fused to the level you would expect from this style of drum kit with all the Stands and Hardware complete with metal and chrome fittings not only looking great and complementing the drum kit makes this a excellent value kit and sets it a grade above other standard and no name brands

  •     9 Ply Shells
  •     22" x 16" Bass Drum (16 lugs)
  •     16" x 16" Floor Tom (12 lugs)
  •     13" x 11" & 12" x 10" Power Toms (12 lugs)
  •     14" x 5" Wood Shell Snare Drum
  •     Double Braced Snare stand
  •     Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand
  •     Double Braced Cymbal Stand
  •     Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal
  •     Heavy Duty retractable Bass Drum Spurs
  •     Heavy Duty Tom Holders & Mounts
  •     14" DXP Hi-Hat Cymbals
  •     16"DXP Crash Cymbal
  •     Drum Throne
  •     Drum sticks Pair 

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