Shadow SH1900 Quick Mount Nylon String Guitar Pickup

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The Shadow SH1900 is the world's most popular classical guitar pickup. The SH 1900 mounts in seconds without drilling or altering, with absolutely no damage or alterations to your guitar. Installing is easy - just loosen your strings, replace your existing saddle, and re-tighten your strings. The pickup can be easily removed when not needed, and reinstalled again later.

The Shadow SH1900 features a piezo transducer pickup incorporated into a standard width saddle, and an integrated volume control. The SH1900 saddle fits guitars with a standard bridge slot width of 2.3 mm (3/32"). An instrument cable (12 feet) and a cable holder are included.


Pickup dimensions: 3.0" L x 17/64" H x 3/32" W (not including jack)
Cable: 12 foot mono instrument cable 1/8" male to 1/4" male

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