Snark ST-2 Clip-on Super Tight Chromatic All-instrument Tuner

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The Snark ST-2 chromatic tuner is great when you need to tune more than just guitar and bass. This compact tuner also works with mandolins, banjos, violas, ukuleles, flugelhorns - you name it! Tune from a distance, by virtue of the ST-2's built-in microphone. Even if it's clipped to your music stand a few feet away, the ST-2's upgraded high-definition display is easy to read. The ST-2 is one of the most versatile compact tuners you'll find at Sweetwater. Flat tuning, transpose functions, and easy pitch calibration provide more tuning options than most chromatic tuners. Boasting more accuracy than ever, the Snark ST-2 also doubles as a tap tempo metronome.


  • Chromatic tuner for guitar and bass
  • Tap tempo metronome
  • Full colour LCD display
  • Pitch shift 415-466 Hz
  • Transpose function down to four flats
  • High sensitivity vibration sensor designed for guitar and aided by Snark's new super fast chip
  • Power save and auto off function
  • Soft touch finish
  • Includes CR2032 battery
  • Blue


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