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G7th Ultralight Ukulele Capo (Black)

G7th Ultralight Ukulele Capo (Black)



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The UltraLight Capo for ukuleles.

The UltraLight Ukuele Capo is specifically designed to suit the small, thin neck of a ukulele and maintains the tone of your instrument.

New for 2017: The World's Lightest Capo! Weighing in at an astonishing 8g the UltraLight won't affect the balance of your ukulele.

Incredible low profile: The UltraLight won't get in the way of your fretting hand, above or below the neck, even when playing awkward chord shapes.

Click. Twist. Play: Fast, fine-tune adjustment at your fingertips to keep you in tune and buzz-free.

Lifetime Warranty: The new G7th UltraLight Capo comes complete with Lifetime Warranty.

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