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Planet Waves by D'Addario PW-CT-11 Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner


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The Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner, the answer to the Tru-Strobe Table tuner, enables the musician to fine-tune any stringed instrument using the most clear-cut method on the market – the strobe. The new tuner offers true strobe accuracy (not a simulation) that will ensure precision tuning up to +/- .1% of a cent.

Featuring a heavy-duty, die-cast design and convenient pedal housing, the new tuner will prove ideal for studio use or on the road where accuracy competes with clutter, noise, and poor lighting.

To that end, the readout is exceptionally bright compared to competing units with its large back-lit LCD display that can be seen on dark stages and equally well in full sunlight. The tuner also features an extremely simple, user-friendly design to promote additional ease-of-tuning.

Utilizing the Buzz Feiten Tuning System Offset for guitars to ensure tuning accuracy, it also employs six de-tuning modes for players using drop-tunings. In addition, the Planet Waves Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner incorporates True Bypass wiring that will not affect the original instrument’s tone.

“The release of our Tru-Strobe Desktop tuner brought immediate requests from artists and fans that we should offer it in a pedal version,” says Planet Waves Product Design Specialist, Robert Cunningham. We chose to make other adaptations, as well, to meet the market needs, such as the backlit LCD which addresses the need for many players to see their stage tuner in daylight, and the addition of the Buzz Feiten programming, which is more popular than ever.

We view this as our ultimate design achievement and based on testing feedback, players are going to flip when they try it!”


  • Strobe Pedal Tuner
  • Hi accuracy for any stringed instrument
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty design
  • Bright and easy to read readout