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Rumberger K1X Brass and Woodwind Pickup

Item ID: RUM-K1X


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The Rumberger K1X is the perfect way to add a pickup to your clarinet, saxophone or a range of wind instruments! Here at Volaris, we import this incredible pickup as we know our customers want a natural and quality sounding pick up for their instruments and this model is regarded around the world as not only world-class, but world’s best!

Good live music thrives on the fact that all instruments together form a balanced sound image. While guitars are either wired or connected by wireless connection and a drum kit is virtually stationary, instruments such as saxophone or accordion are always in motion. If these are picked up with a microphone on a tripod, there are often large fluctuations in volume and sound. Avoiding this and delivering an optimal sound is the task of our pickups and special microphones, which we present to you here.


  • Successor to the Rumberger K1 Plus
  • Has detail improvements
  • Higher level
  • Raising or lowering of the bass frequencies by integrated trim potentiometer
  • Nickel silver sleeve included
  • Optimised construction of the pickup
  • MOGAMI connection cable
  • The power electronics are integrated in a Neutrik XLR connector
  • Perfect sound
  • No feedback
  • Linear frequency response
  • Low structure-borne sound recording
  • Quick-change mechanism
  • Optimal freedom of movement
  • Also suitable for radio operation
  • Directivity: figure of 8
  • Frequency range: 30 - 20000 Hz
  • Phantom Power
  • Weight of the pickup: 24 g