TAP ETSI Active Bouzouki pickup w/ passive microphone

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Exclusive to Volaris Music!

Active Bouzouki pickup AND passive magnetic microphone.


  • The pickup & (magnetic microphone) technology Bouzouki ETSI
  • is a dual system in a single shell.
  • It consists of a double – coiled active pickup and a compact dynamic microphone.
  • It has a special end pin jack with long neck for immediate placement.
  • Alternatively one can be play alone with the pickup or with the microphone.
  • You can connect to console and amplifier as well .
  • Connecting to console requires the simultaneous use of two channels.
  • The pickup in an line input and microphone to another input XLR.
  • The connection to an input amplifier needs the use of a special mixer TAP to control rates of signal (included)
  • Can be used with or without a battery (included A23/12Volt)


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