Melbourne's Best Music School gearing up for 2022!

With decades of experience in helping musicians find their way, Volaris has updated its a music school to cater for our growing population of music students that come through our doors each week.

Here at Volaris Music, we have a vast range of teachers ready to help you explore and develop your skills as a musician. This means, that regardless of whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional looking to develop a particular skill set, we can help make it happen! We have expanded our teachers this year, so be sure to check out our teacher bio’s so you can find the perfect fit. We now have a new Trumpet teacher and a heavy metal guitar teacher to add to our teacher lineup.

All students at Volaris Music learn theory and musicianship so you can be sure that you have a solid foundation to begin with. Our lessons at Volaris are private lessons and can begin at any time during the term. We run our music school to the timetable of the public education system, but we can always make time when suits both you and the available teachers.

For more information, please contact us on either

For more information, please contact us on either or call us any time on 9387-2122.