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Blues Star Diatonic Harmonica - Key of C
Hohner  Puck 10-Hole Harmonica in the Key of C
Hohner 32 Echo Tremolo Harp - Key of C
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Hohner Blues Harp MS - ALL KEYS
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Hohner Marine Band ALL KEYSHohner Marine Band ALL KEYS
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Hohner Pro Harp MS ALL KEYSHohner Pro Harp MS ALL KEYS
Save $22
Hohner Rocket Harmonica ALL KEYSHohner Rocket Harmonica ALL KEYS
Save $3
Hohner Silver Star Harp  ALL KEYSHohner Silver Star Harp  ALL KEYS
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Hohner Special 20 -  ALL KEYSHohner Special 20 -  ALL KEYS
Hohner Translucent Harp Blue
Hohner Translucent Harp in Green
Hohner Translucent Harp in Orange
Hohner Translucent Harp in Purple
Hohner Translucent Harp in Red

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