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B-Voice Nickel Active Bouzouki Pick-up
EMG EMG-B Active Bouzouki Pickup
Save $20
Savvas Mavros Bouzouki Pick-upSavvas Mavros Bouzouki Pick-up
Save $90
Fender Acoustasonic 40Fender Acoustasonic 40
Fender Fender Acoustasonic 40
$339 $429
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Savvas 8 String Bouzouki Pick-up White
Save $120
B-Voice DSP Series X Bouzouki Pre-AmpB-Voice DSP Series X Bouzouki Pre-Amp
Ideal the "ORIGINAL" passive Bouzouki Pickup
Save $320
Fender Tone Master Super Reverb AmplifierFender Tone Master Super Reverb Amplifier
Save $20
Savvas Tzoura Pick-up
Savvas Savvas Tzoura Pick-up
$139 $159
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Save $20
Savvas Baglama Pick-up
Savvas Savvas Baglama Pick-up
$129 $149
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Savvas Active Bouzouki Pick-upSavvas Active Bouzouki Pick-up
Headway EDM-1 H.E. Acoustic Instrument Pre-AmpHeadway EDM-1 H.E. Acoustic Instrument Pre-Amp
Save $150
Fender Acoustic Junior AmplifierFender Acoustic Junior Amplifier
Save $100
Boss Acoustic Singer Live LTBoss Acoustic Singer Live LT
TAP AM-mic Bouzouki Microphone and Pickup System
Savvas "Hiotikos" 6 String Bouzouki Pick-up
TAP Stak Bouzouki Pick up

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