Silly Love Songs

Yes Yes Yes, Volaris Music now has an in-house music historian. So these blog are priceless pieces of info; especially this one for the Beatles fans.

We will get back to how to sound like Kurt Cobain in our next blog. For the minute, enjoy this lovely read about  Love!  

What is the best Paul McCartney solo song? Paul was the most talented Beatle but, in my humble all be it highly educated opinion, Paul was the best drummer in the band and the 3rd best third best song writer in the band. John Lennon was once asked if he thought Ringo was the best drummer in the world. John replied that Ringo was not even the best drummer in the Beatles; John was referring to Paul’s prowess on all instruments. Paul can sing, play piano, bass, guitar and any number of other musical instruments. He is one of the greatest of all time in writing a melody and he has always written songs that fit in perfectly with the times.

When the Beatles broke up he came up with Jet and Band on the Run and they were both ok, but they were no Imagine or Instant Karma. Paul started his post-Beatles band Wings with his wife and the love of his life Linda. Linda died in 1998 and Paul has clearly never got over it. He doesn’t mind giving ladies a 100 million a marriage these days after a quick whirlwind wedding followed by a Hollywood like divorce. His wife died in 1998 and the poor bloke will never get past it. This is both sad and very nice.

So what is the best Paul McCartney solo song? In my humble (albeit expert Beatles) opinion it is Silly Love Songs. Why you may ask? After all this is a pretty cheesy song that does not really fit in in 1978. Jet and Band on the Run are good rock songs but this song sends a brilliant message… have a listen to the first verse and the chorus…

Paul is asking the listener ‘really, you still want to here these silly songs that take one minute to write? Ok, I will record them and make more money I suppose.’ In nine years and hundreds of songs with the Beatles, Paul rarely if ever sings I LOVE YOU together in a line of lyrics. Here is the genius of the man. He is saying basically that he is sick of the Beatles melody and would love to do something different but he is committed to doing what the fans want. Then he manages to make a chorus using a sentence that almost every person in the world has said at sometime in their lives. He went through the entire 9 years of the Beatles and he sung the word love plenty of times including in…

Can’t Buy Me Love
All You Need Is Love
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
And I Love Her
Love You To
It’s Only Love
She Loves You
Words of Love
Love Me Do
All My Loving

As far as I know the only Beatles song with the lyric ‘I love you’ in it is on the 1962 B side P.S. I love you.

Paul used the most commonly said sentence (in terms of people who have said it) in the history of time, he added this sentence to a little jingle where he directly says to the listener ‘surely you are sick of this crap by now!’ It was genius and a perfect example of writing songs for profit.

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