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Volaris Music has been importing, selling and servicing world instruments since the mid 70’s and we are recognised throughout Australia for our knowledge and products from far and wide, including Greece, Ireland, Middle East, Arab and Latin American nations.

Hailing from Greece, Peter Volaris set about in the 70’s to supply musicians across Australia with a great range of authentic Greek instruments. On top of this, Peter wanted to support musicians with accessories, teaching aids, tuition and song books, strings and servicing of instruments including bouzouki, baglama and tzoura. This quickly grew to include instruments from around the world such as oud, tabla, zurna, lebanese drums, darbuka, charango, daoul, ney, duduk and many others!

Wanting only the best from the leading instrument builders, Volaris has sourced its range of world instruments from home and abroad, seeking out the traditional instruments and accessories that are extremely hard to find elsewhere. We import directly from Greece, Arab nations and many other parts of the world to ensure you have the best and most authentic instruments.

There is no music store in Australia that has the range and support that you will find at Volaris music. We have always remained the place to get the best advice, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional. If you look at our products below and don’t find the exact thing you are looking for, please give us a call on 03 938 72122 or click here to write us a message as we are always adding new things to our floor stock!

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