Akai MPK Mini Mk3 Compact Midi Keyboard & Pad Controller - White

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Take your music with you on the go with this compact Akai MPK Mini Mk3 portable keyboard controller in White.

The range of hardware controls on this MPK mini lets you record, compose and play with virtual instruments and effect plugins whenever you want. Increasing the keyboard to the full melodic range is easy thanks to the dedicated Octave Up and Down buttons, and creating intricate melodic lines is a breeze with the on-board arpeggiator with adjustable modes, range and resolution.

The MPK mini requires no external power adapter or software drivers for maximum portability. Included with the keyboard controller are several professional production applications, such as Hybrid 3 by Air Music Tech and Wobble by Sonivox. Create fat, retro synth sounds and incorporate samples with the software, then transfer them to your Mac or PC thanks to the USB connection and plug-and-play connectivity. The MPK mini MIDI Editor software and four memory banks enable you to customize your software and hardware setup and store a range of presets to make syncing quick and easy.

  • 25 Mini Keys, Featuring Redesigned Keybed for Incredible Dynamic Expression & Precise Articulation
  • Brilliant OLED Display for Immediate Parameter Feedback
  • 8 Bankable MPC Performance Pads with Legendary Note Repeat and Full Level Functions
  • 8 Endless Rotary Knobs
  • 4-Way Joystick for Pitch & Modulation Control
  • Class-Compliant USB Connectivity
  • Built-in Arpeggiator
  • Sustain Pedal Input Jack
  • Superior, Sturdy Design & Build
  • Complete Music Production Starter Kit, including: MPC Beats, AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand and Velvet as well as
  • assorted MPC Beats versions of MPC Expansion packs.

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