Alesis SR16 Drum Machine Programmed w/ Popular Greek Rhythms

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Enjoy one of the most popular drum machines ever made with the Alesis SR-16. With a selection of 233 realistic drum sounds, the SR-16 can handle modern electronic genres as well as more traditional genres, making ideal for both studio and stage performances. It's easy to experiment with new beats as well; with 50 preset patterns played by actual drummers, not simply programmed, you can try out new rhythms with your tracks with a few simple button presses. Variations are simply to try out as well with the A, B and two fill sections. Use the samples unmodified for a crisp sound, or try out the included FX, including various reverbs.

A complete MIDI implementation makes the SR-16 easy to use with other equipment. Use the footswitch for hands-free operation while performing live, and enjoy flexible editing features. The pads are pleasant to press and responsive, and their velocity-sensitive design lets you add some expressiveness to your creations. An integrated screen gives you instant feedback.

  • Specifically programmed with popular Greek rhythms inc. Zeimbekiko, Kalamatiano, Tsifteteli and more
  • Complete MIDI support for use with keyboards, computers and electronic drum kits
  • 233 professional sounds included
  • Built-in digital effects for added realism
  • Create and save your own customised patterns and songs
  • Velocity-sensitive pads are satisfying to press and precise
  • Integrated screen offers instant feedback

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