Aquila 7U Concert Nylgut Ukulele Strings - CONCERT

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Aquila strings are the string of choice for Ukulele players worldwide. Nylgut® is neither common Nylon or Carbon (Fluocarbon fishing line or PVDF), or a mix of the two. It is a plastic compound of three different components.

Compared to Nylon, Nylgut® produces a better sound and stays in tune longer, this is because the moisture absorption is less of 0.1% against the 2.0% of Nylon normally employed for musical strings (i.e. Du Pont Tynex® polyammide 6-12). Due to the higher density - similar to that of pure gut (1.30 gr/cm3) - Nylgut® produces a better sound than Nylon and it is not as metallic as other string sets.

Nylgut® is the first genuine synthetic gut in the world.

Regular Tuning: Key of C - Tuning GCEA

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