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B-Voice Nickel Active Bouzouki Pick-up

B-Voice Nickel Active Bouzouki Pick-up



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The modern sound of the bouzouki is an incredibly hard sound to amplify and reproduce well and here at Volaris Music, we are proud to have one of the best, in the the B-Voice Nickel Bouzouki Pick-up. The Nickel is an active bouzouki pick-up that is hand wired and offers clean, warm, attacking sound and brilliant presence. The B-Voice Nickel will hold true to the authentic sound from your Bouzouki.

Onboard circuitry and processing ensures  clarity and extra punch and it can be coupled with the new B-Voice preamp for extra tonal control and artist eqs.

For exceptional results, match the Nickel Active Bouzouki Pick-Up with the B-Voice DSP Series X Bouzouki Pre-Amp.

Please note - Installation of any Bouzouki Pick-up should be carried out by a professional!


  • Made for Bouzouki
  • Authentic, warm and clean sound
  • Active Bouzouki Pick-up
  • Requires 4 x CR2032 batteries