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Designed to protect young children's ears, the Buddy Phone has a built in limiter. No matter how much volume your child tries to put through the headphones the sound control circuitry is always active capping the volume to 85dB which is the recommended by many auditory health authorities worldwide.

One devise, multiple ears? No problem, the unique design of the headphones allows you to "stack" buddy headphone, upon buddy headphone, upon buddy headphone.....up to 4 sets!

Buddy Phones – Explore feature a built-in, volume limiting circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85 decibels which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for kids.

The Buddy Cable is also detachable so it plugs out of the headphones if pulled, maximising the safety for your child.

A built in microphone makes Buddy Phones – ideal to use for calling family, friends, grandma, grandpa and other buddies. The microphone is perfect to use with interactive learning apps and excellent for little scholars to utilise for study time.

  • For Safe Kids Listening
  • Super Durable ABS/PP Housing
  • Anti-Allergic Earpads
  • In-Line Microphone with answering button
  • BuddyCable for sharing
  • Colouring Sticker x5
  • Decorative Sticker x5
  • Detachable cable for less entanglement hazard

Accessories: Travel Bag Included

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