Complete Method for the 6 String Bouzouki, Baglama and Tzoura

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A modern and comprehensive approach to learning the 6 stringed traditional Greek Bouzouki, Baglama and Tzoura.

With over 200 pages in explanations and examples and audio material, this book written in Greek and English even the most novice students will become familiar with everything they need to start playing.

The three-stringed bouzouki is ingrained as no other musical instrument in the history of the early 20th century rembetiko and urban folk music. A pivotal instrument that expressed the lower class' deprivation and remained a symbol of the "outcasts" until it was widely embraced in Greek music heritage. Traditionally it was taught from teacher to student in a purely hands-on manner, and until this day its bibliography remains limited.

In the book at hand, the author Pavlos Pafranidis gathers his 20-year teaching experience and introduces to aspiring musicians a genuinely modern method of learning the bouzouki. This first volume gradually develops the basic knowledge and style of the instrument, through a detailed approach to theory combined with more than 200 exercises and examples. 


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