DSL GEP Series Rolled Edge Guitar Strap (Black, Brown Backing, 2.5")

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Experience enhanced comfort as you play when you affix this DSL GEP Series rolled edge guitar strap to your instrument. Designed to absorb the weight of your guitar and leave your hands free, the strap is crafted from medium-weight leather for strength. Since the strap features a special rolled piping added to each edge, there is no hard border digging into your shoulder or catching onto your clothing or instrument. The extra-wide design also helps distribute the weight of the instrument over more of your back, shoulder blade and collar areas, reducing shoulder fatigue and pain.

Handmade in Australia, each guitar strap is double stitched for exceptional durability. The top of the strap is composed of tough yet supple medium-weight leather, while the backing is extra-soft and comfortable full-grain garment-quality leather that feels great against your body. A classic interweave tail allows you to adjust the strap length to your specifications.

  • Handmade in Australia
  • Highest quality genuine leather
  • Top of strap is medium-weight leather
  • Backing is full-grain garment leather
  • Special rolled piping for comfort
  • Leather double stitched
  • Classic tough interweave tail for adjusting strap length
  • Full-grain backing selected to match stitching colour
  • Adjustable length 100cm to 148cm as standard

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