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EMG EMG-B Active Bouzouki Pickup

EMG EMG-B Active Bouzouki Pickup

Item ID: EMG-B


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What is it that you are looking for in a bouzouki pickup?

  • Clarity and Definition
  • An even volume across all strings
  • Warmth and sweetness in your tone
  • No Hum

Well the EMG-B is what you need!

EMG is world leader in pickups and the EMG-B is specifically designed for the  Bouzouki. 

The EMG-B Pickup is a magnetic pickup for Bouzouki. It is an “Active” Pickup with a built-in preamplifier that reduces noise and eliminates string grounding. The pre-amp also shapes the tone of the pickup specifically for Bouzouki.

The EMG-B Pickup uses a ceramic magnet for brilliant tone and also features a high resonant frequency.

The pickup also features a single screw mount familiar to many bouzouki pickups.

A bracket is added and battery mount, making it easy to attach to a bouzouki (or any other instrument which is similar in size).


  • Model: EMG-B (Bouzouki)
  • Logo Color: Silver
  • Magnet Type: Ceramic
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz): 5.30
  • Output Voltage (String): .300
  • Output Noise (60 Hz): -120
  • Output Impedance (Kohm): 30
  • Current @6V (Microamps): 80
  • Battery Life (Hours): 3000 - requires 4 x CR2032
  • Maximum Supply (Volts DC): 18
  • Origin: Made in the USA


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