Fluteworthy Repertoire Book 1

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Following on from Lamorna’s Beginner Flute Book, this stylistically diverse collection of over 90 flute solos, folk songs and duets are suitable for the AMEB grade 1 - 2 student. Several pieces from the book are listed on the 2013 AMEB Syllabus.

Founded upon traditional repertoire, duets and studies, Repertoire for the Beginner Flautist gives students a solid foundation in style. It particularly encourages the development of good breath control, tone and musicality through cantabile style melodies tailored to the abilities of flautists in the first year or so of playing. 

The carefully selected pieces reinforce basic rhythmic knowledge and introduce more complex concepts such as simple syncopation and and semiquavers in logical and intuitive steps. 

Suggestions for creative music making are included to introduce simple improvisation, creative structural innovation, and encourage the exploration of diverse ensemble combinations.  

Alongside traditional repertoire, an engaging set of folk songs from around the world (Africa, China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Hawaii, America, Israel and Australia) with original accompaniments by Sally Whitwell, provide diversity and spontaneity to the collection. Many of these tunes can be accompanied by other instruments (guitar, ukelele, percussion and other common instruments). Download parts here. Repertoire for the Beginner Flautist concludes with a collection of festive duets including Christmas Carols, Hanuka Songs and the Australian National Anthem!

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