Hohner Chrometta 8 Chromatic Harmonica in the Key of C

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With a tonal range of just over 2 full octaves the Chrometta 8 is the smallest instrument in the series. However, don’t let appearances fool you, it is just as versatile as its larger counterparts and is perfect for your first steps into the world of chromatic harmonica.

Whatever style of music you’re into, this versatile little all-rounder offers a great place to start playing. And it’s small enough that you can take it with you to practice while you’re out and about.


  • Durable plastic comb
    Reliable performance under all climate conditions thanks to resilient plastic comb
  • Projecting mouthpiece
    Projecting mouthpiece with large channel openings makes it easier for the beginner to play single notes
  • Stainless steel cover plates
    Stylish stainless steel covers with a high level of comfort


  • Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 1.05 mm
  • Reed plates (surface): brass
  • Reeds (number, material): 32, brass
  • Comb (material, color): ABS, black
  • Comb (finish): ABS, glossy
  • Mouthpiece (surface): ABS, glossy
  • Cover plates: stainless steel
  • Slide construction: zigzag
  • Keys: C
  • Type: chromatic
  • Tuning: solo tuning
  • Number of holes: 8
  • Tonal range: 2 octaves, C4 – Db6
  • Length: 11.5 cm / 4.5"

Chrometta Line
The robustly constructed and reasonably priced models of the Chrometta series are the perfect starting point for learning chromatic harmonica. Larger channel openings in combination with the projecting mouthpiece ensure great response and make it easier for the beginning player to hit single notes accurately.

The Chrometta was first released in 1956 and introduced the concept of a divided slide, integrated into the comb/mouthpiece unit, which is still used in this model today. This feature makes the harmonica very service-friendly and is resistant against moisture as well as gliding easily on the lips.

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