Mooer Firefly 5 5-Pedal Flight Case

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The Mooer FC-M5 Firefly Pedalboard Flight Case is designed to hold up to 5 Micro-Series Mooer pedals. This high profile, anodized aluminum case is equipped with complete wiring to supply power, plug in and connect your pedals. Lightweight and compact, this case gets you and your pedals to the gig and gives you the connectivity you need to start the show!
• Pedal Board Flight Case for 5 Micro-Series Mooer pedals
• 5x built-in daisy chain power connectors (Firefly M5)
• Lightweight, aluminum constructed case with removable lid
• Includes a preinstalled a 5 Plug DC power cable (daisy chain) which can be connected to a Mooer or similarly spec’d 9V DC adapter.
• Dimensions: 6.7” (D) x 15.4” (W) x 3.9” (H)

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