Ireland's Best Session Tunes

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(Waltons Irish Music Books). The cream of Irish traditional music is presented in three core collections of essential session tunes. Each book includes 110 of the most popular and enduring session tunes in Ireland and around the world. Join in wherever you go with these collections of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs and more. All the books feature accurate transcriptions in an easy-to-read format, and include guitar chords. Volume 1 includes: Anderson's Reel * The Banshe * The Blackberry Blossom * Bonny Kate * The Boyne Hunt * The Bucks of Oranmore * Bunker Hill * Captain Kelly * The Congress Reel * Ther Copperplate * Down the Broom * Drowsy Maggie * The Fermoy Lasses * The Flogging Reel * The Fox on the Town * Father Kelly's Reel * The Geehan's Gooseberry Bush * The Green Fields of America * The Green Groves of Erin * The Heather Breeze * and more.

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