John Pearse PJ116 Folk Fingerpicking 16-43

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Perfect for fingerstyle guitar, the Thomastik-Infeld John Pearse Folk Fingerpicking Guitar Strings feature treble strings that are flatwound nylon on a rope core, which sound brighter than nylon strings.

The bass strings E, A, d are round wound on a nylon core for a big, warm sound without distracting picking noises. Put them together and you’ve got a superb set for smooth acoustic playing.

Suitable for classical or steel string guitars.

This set:

  • PJ16    E          1st       Nylon Flat Wound on Steel Core      .016    
  • PJ24    B          2nd     Nylon Flat Wound on Rope Core     .024    
  • PJ25    G          3rd      Nylon Flat Wound on Rope Core     .025    
  • PJ30    D         4th      Round Wound on Nylon Core          .030    
  • PJ35    A          5th      Round Wound on Nylon Core          .035    
  • PJ43    E          6th      Round Wound on Nylon Core          .043    

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