Mythos MST4 Traditional 6 String Tzoura - Floral Design

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The Mythos MST4 is a traditional 6 string Tzoura, designed and manufactured in Greece and imported directly by Volaris Music.

Traditionally used in Greek REMBETIKA (Blues) style music, the MST3 features a spruce top, carved walnut bowl and a floral full face design above the rosewood bridge.

The MST4 includes a carry bag.
PLEASE NOTE: these instruments are uniquely-built - aesthetic appointments may vary from model to model.

For more information about the Mythos MST4, please contact us by clicking here or calling (03) 9387 2122.


  • Traditional 6 string Tzoura imported from Greece
  • Spruce top
  • Carved walnut bowl
  • Geared machine tuning heads with pearloid buttons
  • Full floral decoration with traditional shaped sound hole
  • Tuned to DD-AA-DD
  • Traditionally used in Greek REMBETIKA (Blues) style music

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