Pearl EXX725SP/C-700P Export Fusion Plus 22" Drum Kit [+ Hardware, Cymbals, Accessories] - Arctic Sparkle

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The Pearl Export Plus Arctic Sparkle Drumkit is the world standard in beginner and performance drums.

After 30 years of being the #1 Selling drum set in the world, Pearl Export Series is still the name every drummer knows. Having jumpstarted thousands of drumming careers by bringing quality and value into one package, today’s Export continues to build legends. The Pearl Export Plus Arctic Sparkle Drumkit offers a sonically advanced recipe of strategically arranged plies of premium wood to maximise frequency response of every component. With the new lug design specifically for Export offering a low mass design that helps with increased resonance along with Pearls new Opti-Loc mounting system these drums have never been more resonant!

Fusion Plus shell sizes are as follows:

  • 10″ x 7″ Tom
  • 12″ x 8″ Tom
  • 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom
  • 14″ x 5.5″ Snare Drum
  • 22″ x 18″ Bass Drum

The Pearl Export Plus Arctic Sparkle Drumkit Complete Package includes:

  • 1x Pearl BC-830 Convertible Boom/Straight Stand
  • 1x Pearl C-830 Straight Stand
  • 1x Pearl H-830 Hihat Stand
  • 1x Pearl S-830 Snare Stand
  • 1x Pearl P-930 Demonator Single Pedal
  • Zildjian Planet-Z Cymbal Pack - 14″ Hihats, 16″ Crash, 20″Ride
  • Pearl D-790 Drum Throne
  • Tuner Fish Accessory Pack (Accessory Pouch, Lug Locks, Secure Bands & Tone Gels)
  • Zildjian Drumsticks

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