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Pirastro Cellisto 901200 Cello Rosin

Pirastro Cellisto 901200 Cello Rosin

Item ID: PIR-901200


This Pirastro Cellistro rosin is a brilliant cherry red cello Rosin.

From the 10th to 12th century, people used resin obtained from fir and pine trees for painting and to make their wooden boats waterproof. It was also around that time that people from the eastern parts of the Mediterranean region started to look for new and better ways how to play their stringed instruments. Initially, they would use sticks made from dried sheep gut which had a rather rough surface to strike the strings. Later on, people discovered the benefits of using horsehair for bowing their strings. With a layer of rosin applied onto the bow hair this proved to be the perfect invention. Only bow hair coated with rosin would grab the strings enough for them to be caused to vibrate.


  • Cherry Red cello rosin
  • Soft, quality rosin

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