Pirastro Piranito Violin String Set - All Sizes

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Size: 4/4
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These are quality steel violin strings, aimed at giving students and intermediate players the best sound quality for the best possible price.


  • Piranito strings have a single filament steel core, wound with chrome steel.
  • Very bright sound, but with no metallic harshness
  • Very easy response 
  • Medium Tension
  • Piranito strings are suitable for beginners and intermediate players alike.
  • Handmade in Germany.

The 4/4 set contains:

  • E-steel
  • A-aluminum
  • D- and G-chrome steel

The 3/4-1/2 and 1/4-1/8 sets contain:

  • E-steel
  • A-, D- and G-chrome steel

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