Prodigy Red 8 String Bouzouki Strings

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Prodigy Strings are designed and made using the highest quality materials available, with the latest and most advanced technology in string manufacturing, producing precise core to cover ratios creating a smooth, flexible, long lasting and richly toned string.

All of Prodigy's strings pass through a strict quality control ensuring that all strings are of the correct gauge, length and weight before being packaged and shipped. All strings are sealed in an "Airtight Pouch" maintaining freshness and lifespan.

Prodigy Strings are used by the world's most prominent bouzouki players. Christos Nikolopoulos, Thanasi Polykantriotis, Panayiotis Stergiou....

Prodigy RED:

Phospher Bronze

Suitable for all styles of Acoustic Bouzouki playing.


  • 1st: D / RE - .011
  • 2nd: D / RE - .011
  • 3rd: A / LA - .014
  • 4th: A / LA - .014
  • 5th: F / FA - .011
  • 6th: F / FA - .022w
  • 7th: C / NTO - .014
  • 8th: C / NTO - .028w 

Origin: Made in England

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