Slapklatz Drum Dampers - Green

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When you rent a drum in SlapKlatz mute gel studio and live house for alien green drum, such as when you hit a new song in the usual set, a recommended when you want to adjust the tone and sustain mute. It is this "slap Kurattsu". Usage is very easy, just paste the Petatsu. Due to the high adhesive force, butter side of the snare and toms, of course, can be pasted to the back of the drum of the bottom and cymbals. When not needed, you can easily peel off. Nor does it mark remains as packing tape. Slap Kurattsu can also be used as a buffer material. Is by setting sometimes other hardware to the drum shell is close, but you clap with confidence because there is not damaged if put a slap Kurattsu. Dirty and the adhesive force will come down gradually, but revived in the wash. [Contents] mute small x 2 mute large x 2 case x 1 Color: Alien Green

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