Toca T1010-AB Acacia 10" Tambourine with Brass Jingles

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The Toca Acacia Series 10" Tambourine with 8 Double Row Brass Jingles.
Constructed from exotic Acacia hardwood.
Ergonomic handle.

First off, let's describe the housing of this beautiful instrument. An ergonomically shaped rubber handle makes playing effortless. It lines the gripping portion on outer and inner sides, exposing the natural wood beauty in the centre. The inner portion is ribbed for the fingers.

The frame is constructed entirely from the cherished Acacia hardwood. Prized for fine furniture across the globe, and incorporated in treasured instruments. Acacia is a beautiful hardwood with just the right resiliency for tambourines. Each polished Acacia frame houses two rows of jingles. Purists can choose the model that features both rows of brass jingles, whereas others can savour the best of both worlds: an alternating row of brass and nickel jingles. (TOCT1010ABC)

The balance of warmth and edge, alternately the choir-like tenor and soprano voices, is unforgettable. This is a hybrid instrument that will sit well in the studio or live. The Toca Brass/Nickel will play gently or loudly. It's lightweight, it's versatile, it's extremely well- constructed from elite materials, and it's destined to be an integral component in the percussionist's prize collection.


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