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DB351 Felt Washer for Hi-Hat Clutch - 25mm Diameter
DB585 Felt Washer - 30mm
DXP 200 Series Light Weight Snare Stand
DXP 300 Series HH3 Hi-Hat Stand inc. clutch
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DXP 350 Series Medium Weight Snare Stand
DXP 550 Series Bass Drum Pedal
DXP 550 Series CS5 Cymbal Stand
DXP 550 Series Snare Stand
DXP 5A Drum Sticks - Wood Tip
DXP 650 Series CB6 Cymbal Boom Stand
DXP 650 Series SS6 Single Braced Snare Stand
DXP 850 Series CB8 Deluxe Cymbal Boom Stand
DXP 850 Series CS8 Deluxe Cymbal Stand
DXP BP2 Single Chain Driven Bass Drum Pedal
DXP CB2 200 Series Boom Cymbal Stand
DXP CP20 Cajon Pedal with Cable
DXP CS2 Straight Cymbal Stand
DXP D135A Oak Drum Sticks 5A - Wood Tip
DXP DA1210 Junior Drum Stool
DXP DA1235 Drum Stool / Throne
DXP DA1236 Drum Stool
DXP DXP DA1236 Drum Stool
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DXP DA1238 Heavy Duty Drum Stool
DXP DA1241 Double Braced Heavy Duty Drum Throne

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