DXP Transit Pack w/ Remo Silent Stroke Heads & Total Percussion Silent Cymbals

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Compact, versatile and low volume. The feel of playing on a real kit without complaints from your neighbors!

Pack includes:

  • 6 ply, 7.5mm shell; 18"x14" bass drum (16 lugs);
  • 14"x12" free standing floor tom (12 lugs);
  • 10"x7" toms (12 lugs);
  • 13"x5" wood shell snare drum (12 lugs).
  • Medium weight double braced hardware includes snare, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand;
  • bass drum pedal and heavy duty retractable bass drum spurs;
  • heavy duty tom holder and mount.
  • Memory locks.
  • Total Percussion Cymbal Set
  • Remo Silent Stroke Drum Heads
  • Original Drum Heads

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